New to Racing?

The Cedar Valley Trail Riders Motocross club is excited to have you! Thank you for checking us out.


Please read over this basic information if you have never raced with us before:

  • Your day will begin by getting to the track early to sign-up for your classes and do a walk-through of the track. For information about racing classes, please click here.
  • Riders under the age of 18 are REQUIRED to have a parent or legal guardian in attendance AT ALL TIMES. Riders under 18 will not be allowed to ride without a parent or legal guardian on site.
  • Riders are required to present their active AMA Membership Card at ALL races. It helps to take care of this BEFORE you get to the track, but can be purchased at the AMA window in the sign-up shed on race day. To purchase/renew AMA Membership, click here. (Important: Be sure to print and bring your proof of purchase until you get your card by mail)
  • Some of our race dates are District 22 specific. For these races, you may need to purchase a D22 membership OR one day pass to compete. These can be purchased in advance or at the sign-up shed on race day. To purchase a D22 Membership, click here.
  • CVTR MX races consist of a Riders Meeting, Practice, Moto #1, Intermission, and Moto #2. Actual class race order may vary depending on turnout, weather, and other factors.
  • All riders are required to wear appropriate riding gear. For more info, please reference Rules/Policies.
  • Before contacting us with any questions, please refer to the Rules/Policies tab at the top of the page for more information.

Hawkeye Downs – Cedar Rapids, IA