CVTR MX follows AMA rules. Here are just a few common rules enforced.

 For full AMA rules, please visit www.americanmotorcyclist.com

All racers must have proof of AMA or ATVA membership. Membership can be purchased at the track or online at www.ama-cycle.org Membership fee is $49/year.

Age Requirements

For Youth classes, your age on January 1 applies for the whole year. For example, a 15-year-old who turns 16 on March 1 can still race a 12-15 age class for the entire season (because he was 15 on January 1). However, once you move up to the next age level class, you cannot move back down.

For Vet classes, your age on race day applies. You can ride a class as soon as you become eligible, but not before.

Riders under age 18 must have a parent or legal guardian at the track with them at all times. Parents CANNOT drop off a minor, sign them up and then leave. If you’d like another adult to be responsible for your child at the track, you’ll need a NOTARIZED letter assigning that person as your child’s legal guardian. You will want a second copy for the guardian to keep in case your child needs medical treatment.

Sample guardian assignment letter: I authorize Don Smith to be legal guardian of my son Jim Johnson on May 16/17th, 2017 while he/she races and/or practices motocross at Hawkeye Downs.  In addition, I authorize Don Smith to complete all necessary registration forms and sign as Jim’s legal guardian, and I authorize Don Smith to give emergency medical consent for Jim if necessary. Must be Notarized by the legal guardian(s)

Safety is a Priority

CVTR MX does not provide health insurance coverage for riders. We strongly urge all riders to have health insurance before practicing or racing.

CVTR MX reserves the right to disqualify any rider who does not adhere to the requirements stated BELOW.

Do not get on the track until you have signed up. Only registered riders may enter the race course. This applies to racing, practicing and open riding.

Required Safety Equipment

  1. Helmet

  2. Goggles

  3. Boots (Must be 8 in. or higher).

  4. Long Pants

  5. Long Sleeve Shirt

  6. Gloves

Chest Protector and Knee Pads or Braces are not required, but are highly recommended.

Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

1. Number Plates on Front and Both sides of bike. *See Note Below
2. No lights of any kind are allowed

*NOTE: It is recommended that all number plates display White on Black or Black on White.
If not, they must abide by the color schemes stated in the AMA rules manual. 

ATV Equipment Requirements

1. Nerf Bars
2. Tether Strap Kill Switch
3. Rear Number Plate. *See Note Below
4. No lights of any kind are allowed.

*NOTE: It is recommended that all number plates display White on Black or Black on White.
If not, they must abide by the color schemes stated in the AMA rules manual.



  • NO REFUNDS after practice starts. Rain outs will issue a pass good for another race in the current season.

  • Pets are allowed, but only within the pits. They must be on leashes and cleaned up after.

  • Pit Spots may be available for purchase, please contact for availability.